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Y-S was established in 1987, as a professional Cable Assembly & Connector manufacturer, about 2000 employees, 3 facilities located in Taiwan (HQ), Dongguan, China and JiangXi, China. Sales representative offices are distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, USA.

Our line card includes Cable Assembly, Connector and PCB Assemblies, for the “Connectivity Solutions” in the industrial sectors of Computing Equipment & Information Technology, Telecommunication, Medical and Automotive accessories.

From 2004, owing to the quality request, in house rate lifted, cost reduced, and the backward integration which has been successfully accomplished. For Example, the punching department was built from that year.

From 2006, Y-S continues to reinvest capital expenditure in company for future business. Example is the automatic production + packed + detective applications started to implement.

Y-S Group's guidelines of management is customer-first, flexible, time sensitive, cost down oriented and quality driven.

Company Scale


  • Opened 1987
  • 50 Employees
  • 2’000 Square Meters


DongGuan Facility
  • Opened 1996
  • 1,200 Employees
  • 31,000 Square Meters


JiangXi Facility
  • Opened 2006
  • 500 Employees
  • 15,000 Square Meters


  • 1988:Company Founded in Taiwan
  • 1992:China Factory Launched in Shenzhen
  • 1994:Y-S (H.K.) Office Established
  • 1996:Y-S China SD Factory Built in Dongguan
  • 2000:All Y-S Branches Re-organized as Y-S Group
  • 2003:Y-S Group Adds Consumer Electronics for Its New Category
  • 2004:Y-S Group Started Punching Department
  • 2006:JiangXi Facility Established
  • 2007:Enhanced Electronics Engineer Dept. And Added Reflow Soldering Lines for PCBA And Active 
                Cables, Entered into the Categories of 3C (Computer, Communication and Consumer),
                Automotive And Multi-Media, Audio/Video Telecommunication Technology.
  • 2008:To implement the One Stream Production Mode, and TPM (Total Productive Management)
  • 2009:Certified by Samsung, Sharp and Being Their Major Connector Supplier.
                Set up the Automatic Production Lines for Connectors.
  • 2010:Phased in Full Automatic Detective Applications for Quality Control Efficiency Raising FQC to 100%.
                Commenced Auto Soldering Applications for HDMI Cable in a Strict Quality.
  • 2011:Adopted X-RAY Detection, Offered for All Productions New SMT Production Line Setup,
                for 0201&BGA (PCBA) Organization Scheduled About IPO (Initial Public Offerings) in Taiwan.
                To Alter from ERP to SAP ERP As a Major System.
  • 2012:1 New SMT Process Line Launched, and 3 brand new “High-Speed Punching Machines” joined to
                extend our production capacity.